For Business Partners

Connect with Your Future Workforce

Career Education relies on industry partners to ensure skills taught in our programs are current, tangible and valued. Our programs serve as a pipeline directly to employment and/or future educational endeavors. To that end, we ask employers to partner with us in several ways:

Join an Industry Advisory Committee

Committees are made up of faculty in the field, industry partners, community-based organizations, local workforce partners, K-12 partners and students. These committees meet 1-2 times per year to inform program design, internships, job opportunities, and industry demands. Go to Advisory Committees to learn more.

Post a Job or Internship on Our Job Board

Create an account with College Central Network.

Sponsor a Summer Career Academy

COM Career Education offers a host of college-credit career experiences for high school students on campus every summer. Sponsorship of an academy funds course supplies and textbooks, lunch/snacks for students and t-shirts. The sponsorship includes the business’ name attached to that academy in all marketing and high school outreach, as well as mention in newspaper and social media advertising, newsletter and email blasts.

Participate in an Industry Speaker’s Panel

We have many opportunities throughout the year when we seek industry experts to share insights and experiences with students: what you love about your job; why you chose your profession; how you got to where you are; and, advice you have for current COM students or emerging college students.

Contact Katheryn Horton at (415) 457-8811 x8108, or Heather Rahman at (415) 457-8811 x8204, if you are interested in partnering with us.