Short-term Skills Certificates


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College Credit Trainings  -  Spring 2022 (Begins As Early as Jan 24)


Business Start-Up: E-Commerce & Social Media (6 units total)

Receive a COM Skills Certificate in Business Start-Up: E-Commerce & Social Media while learning the principals and technologies involved in e-commerce and creating a Web presence for a small- or medium-sized business. This pair of courses covers aspects of business and marketing planning, a survey of Web technologies, use of digital media, building an online store, e-commerce security, electronic payment systems and legal issues. You will learn the ins and outs of promoting your business through social media strategies and explore historic development as well as emerging trends in Web applications and services.  Expect to work 12-14 hours per week on this certificate.

Sign up for these courses: BUS 160 (CRN 12786) and BUS 161 (CRN 12637)

Jobs with these skills: Content Marketing, Testing and Data Collection, Design, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation


Small Business Management (6 units total)

This pair of courses provide the skills needed to start a new business and use a computerized accounting system. Upon completion of training, students will receive a COM Skills Certificate in Small Business Management. The training covers marketing, finance, human resources, and topics unique to small businesses (including applying for a Small Business Administration loan). Students will get an overview of accounting software, setting up a company, entering and paying bills, preparing a budget, etc. Expect to work 12-14 hours per week on this certificate.

Sign up for these courses: BUS 115 (CRN 12119) and BUS 162 (CRN 12638)

Jobs with these skills: Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Bookkeeping


Business Office Technology (5 units total)

Receive a COM Skills Certificate in Business Office Technology by completing these three short courses in 12 weeks. You will learn about the hardware, operating systems and application software, as well as how to use Google Apps to make you successful in a business environment. Suggested: familiarity with MS Excel and Word.  Expect to work 10-11 hours a week on this certificate. 

Sign up for these courses: CIS 101 (CRN 12640), CIS 111 (CRN 12782), CIS 126 (CRN 12651)

Jobs with these skills: Office Management, Administrative Assisting, Small Business Operations

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